Sentric Controls Sdn Bhd
60, 1st Floor,
Persiaran Mahsuri 1/2,
Sunway Tunas,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia.


Subminiature circular connectors

Power connectors

Miniature circular connectors

Connectors for medical applications

Machine Vision Lights

Machine Lighting

Sensor Testers


System Products - (I-O Module / Connectivity System)

Sensor - (Proximity Sensor / Photoelectric Sensor / Capacitive Sensor / Accessories)

Safety Products - (Safety Relay / Safety Light Curtain)

Relay - (Terminal Relay / General Purpose Relay)

Level Sensor Solid and Powder Solution

Level Sensor Liquid Solution


Linear Sensors

Incremental Rotary Encoders


Absolute Rotary Encoders




Individual Foil Shield PVC&PVC

MK2500 ID Printer

Ink Ribbon Cassette MK id Printer

i-Bon PVC Marking Tube (MOTP Series)

i-Bon PVC Marking Tube (MOT Series)

IPPC-H04 , IPPC-H07 , IPPC-H10


Tongue Operated Safety Interlock Guard Switches

Standalone Coded Non Contact Switches

Solenoid Locking Tongue Safety Switches

Safety Relays: The SCR Range from IDEM





Level / Flow and Pressure


Encoder/Counter Products and Measuring Instrument


Small Displacement Sensor with Digital Display-CD22 Series

High Speed Displacement Sensor Controller-UQ1 Series

Compact Low Cost Displacement Sensor-CD33 Series

Automation Safety Products


Warning Light

Tower Light

LED Working Light

Heavy Duty &Explosion Proof Warning Light

Industrial Controller


Safety Relay

Safety Light Curtain

Non Safety Light Curtain


Terminal Block

Spring Type

Screw Type


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